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A tractor or other prime mover equipped with a blade attached by arms or brackets to its front end; used in pushing or piling earth or rock.
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To facilitate production of the new dozer line, the facilities have expanded to include a new dedicated paint line, welding and computer numerical control (CNC) machining equipment, and a dedicated assembly line.
Additionally, the D85EX/PX-18 dozer and every other Komatsu Tier 4 Final construction-sized machine, whether rented, leased or purchased, is covered by the Komatsu CARE program for the first three years or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first.
Dozer Fever - coin pusher game can be downloadable for free at Google Play by following this link:http://bit.
It just keeps pushing the dirt," said Jack Snyder, dozer operator for Steele Construction.
Moussavi said the company decided to manufacture a hydro dozer to clean oil tanks without reliance on foreign companies.
Dozer went through allergy testing and tested positive and borderline positive for 12 different types of grass and trees as well as wheat and rice.
The newest member of the Gardner Police Department and the second dog to join the force, Dozer has demonstrated that hands-on praise is preferable to food when his handler rewards him for a job well done.
A map reconnaissance revealed an existing ford approximately 400 meters east of the proposed site (point C on the sketch in Figure 1), which would allow the D7 dozers to enter the water and cross the width of the river.
The excavation removed approximately 64,000 cubic meters of earth with scrapers, graders, backhoes, and dozers.
Dozer serves as chairman of GenSpring Family Office of Phoenix, a family-focused wealth management firm.
The station itself is modeled on the actual cab of the machine, with all ergonomic controls, alarms and features operating just as they do in the dozer.