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Said of timber which has decayed.
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Joe Clarke (Crazy Joe) "He is up there with one of the doziest people I've ever met, a close second to Riles.
COLLEGE-educated he may be, but hapless Paul Tate has again lived up to his billing as Tyneside's doziest drug dealer.
Lessons will be given in how to emit an ear piercing whistle to attract the attention of even the doziest black cab driver, demonstrations of how to hold a proper p up in a brewery and a Mind The Ale competition.
I'm not blaming those fortunate enough who do appear on it, the majority of whom are no doubt loyal supporters, but the FAW's invitation for them to take up a maximum of 20 tickets per person ranks as one of the doziest decisions since Alun Evans was in charge.
As for Huw Edwards, who now fronts the Ten o' Clock news, surely even the doziest viewer knows he doesn't have the power he thinks he has to "tear up the script and start afresh" as he keeps boasting in the promos.
Generally the argumentative style is challenging rather than overbearing and even the doziest students (those with the lowest philosophical pain-thresholds?) should spot opportunities for themselves to intervene in the argument.
And snooker's doziest player had a huge scare yesterday after almost missing the start of his quarter-final clash with Shaun Murphy.
SCOTLAND'S doziest bank robber - who fell asleep while carrying out a raid - yesterday avoided a jail sentence.
Inanimate objects are at their most lively when you are at your doziest. They settle down a bit as the day wakes up.
Just watch out for the sheep ( surely the doziest of animals ( who wander willy-nilly into the middle of the road and refuse to budge until they're ready.
And it is hard to believe that if a black youngster bounces into class, commits himself and works hard then even the doziest teacher will not react to that.