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dote, doat, doze

A form of decay in which wood becomes soft and weak and has a dull lifeless appearance.
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The public is happy, then why shouldn't the officers be at peace," The UP health minister said when queried by the mediapersons on the dozing officials.
0-signifies no dozing, 1-mild chance of dozing, 2-moderate chance of dozing and 3-high chance of dozing.
LAHORE -- The National Highways and Motorway Police (NH and MP) Central Zone on Saturday distributed road safety awareness material among road users, about dozing at wheel.
While the opposition leader with tears in eyes and soaring throat asked the district nazim to play his due role for protection precious lives of the locals who were facing worst at the hands of ill experienced health staff and to make sure appointment of anesthesia specialist at DHQ hospital Daggar and make bound rest of the private hospital to appoint specialists for anesthesia otherwise shut their shops to minimize chances anesthesia over dozing death tools.
Just then, I was woken up from my nice dozing by phoon call from driver of my newest car, BMW 7 series.
LAHORE -- National Highways and Motorway Police (NH and MP) Central Zone DIG Faran Baig on Sunday directed officials to make the campaign 'dozing at wheel' a success.
The new Remote Operator Station for Dozing, part of Cat MineStar Command for dozing, provides a safe, comfortable environment removed from the active dozing area.
You may want to be a little on your guard the next time you find yourself seated next to David Souter and find yourself dozing off, for whatever reason.
An Israeli journalist responds to the NY Times posting of a picture of the mother of the killer of a young IDF soldier instead of a picture of the victim, a teenager stabbed while dozing on a public bus.