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dote, doat, doze

A form of decay in which wood becomes soft and weak and has a dull lifeless appearance.
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The video that went viral on social media showed Singson dozing off and leaning on Miss Universe Catriona Gray.
The official said it was reasonable that the President grabbed the chance 'to catch on some sleep and energize himself and avoid the embarrassment of dozing off during one of the meetings as one head of state pitifully succumbed to due to the energy-sapping daily activities.'
And she was caught dozing off by cameras, admitting that she wasn't "100 percent sober."
those without children (45%) 17 percent of adult drivers report dozing off while driving at least once in the past year
Kris Lines, 31, head of sports law at Staffordshire University, awoke to find himself inside an air hangar after dozing off on board an Air Canada flight from Calgary to Vancouver.
The picture in Brazilian magazine Quem showed the two-month-old baby all bundled up in a blue jacket and matching hat while dozing off in 29-year-old Bundchen's arms, reports Us magazine.
Parishioners wouldn't be dozing off or reading the bulletin if she were giving the homily.
Tragedies have been caused by people dozing off at the wheel, often on motorways.
Jamie Wallace started dozing off as he drove along the A182 Washington Highway at 12.30am on July 15 last year.
COMMONS Speaker Michael Martin has been accused of dozing off while listening to Gordon Brown.
In the new Jakarta Ritz-Carlton, guest rooms all sport sunken marble baths, 300-thread count linens and two flat-screens, one 46-incher for dozing off to, and a 17-inch model for keeping up-to-date in the bathroom.
Simpson spent a long night dozing off, accidentally swallowing sea water, being sick and trying to keep warmby wrapping her bathing suit top around her head.