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Said of timber which has decayed.
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Despite the seemingly haunted habitat, Daisy and Dozy are currently happy and there are no plans to move them.
In Nordstrom's pictures sex is compulsive but not convulsive, and in place of the voyeuristic pleasures of carnality at the edge are occasions to weave various bits of unfinished business together, creating an elegantly impious if torpid picture of an enchanted land inhabited by dozy Dionysians.
I know he [Ingham] had had a whack on the head and was a bit dozy but he shouldn't be that blinking dozy.
The house is now filled with a racket and crucial DJs I've never heard of, like Chris Moyles, so dozy sounding that he's really hip.
But a pair of talented youngsters saved the day, with six-year-old Dayna Nichols going on stage as understudy to Smiler and then Wheezy, and Emilie Bommel, 10, standing in for Dozy.
1944: Dozy, 60, Bassist with Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich.
THE yobbos of today have never grown up and if this dozy Government doesn't do something about it, instead of turning a deaf ear and blind eye, the thugs will soon be running the country.
HUNGARY coach Attila Pinter was axed yesterday - less than a fortnight after suffering a "dozy" defeat to Northern Ireland in Budapest.
Go to the city's No.1 website: BANK HOLIDAY TIPS 18 country pubs to enjoy a tipple LOG ON TO OUR LIVE BLOG Travel updates & the latest news SEE THE PICTURES NOW I grabbed a kiss from Hugh Grant TOP 5 MOST-READ STORIES ONLINE 1 Dozy drug gang jailed thanks to their own pictures of cannabis and cash 2 David Cameron jokes: I'll ask my rich Arab friends to buy Aston Villa 3 Watch: Jasper Carrott's rousing speech to Blues players ahead of the Bolton game 4 Football fans found guilty of tearing pages out of Koran at Blues match 5 Gang members jailed after guns and drugs uncovered in police raid on Birmingham 'safe house'
In the report on the Irish Derby Davies referred to the Queen's Canford Cliffs rather than the actual royal runner Carlton House, which resulted in her being called a "dozy mare" by one correspondent on Twitter .
A DOZY robber who took his mask off during a raid on a shop where he was a regular customer was jailed for four years yesterday.
DOZY intruders had a lucky escape after cutting an electricity cable.