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1. a light olive-brown colour
2. a fabric of a dull grey or brown colour
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a heavy, thick woolen fabric of a complicated inter-woven machine-spun yarn. Drab consists usually of two layers and as a result has high heat-insulating properties. The outer face of the fabric is often made from a higher quality of wool than the inner. Depending on the structure and the design of the weave, drab may be made with or without nap, of one or many colors, and with a plain face or a design on the lining. Drab is used for winter and spring-autumn coats.

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Blackwood's use of colour heightens the drabness of the children's everyday environment, but the strategic use of red for the book cover, and its gradually increased use in the imaginary world, reiterates the vibrancy and life that can be accessed through the imagination.
The unrelieved drabness of Noel's vocals and the vacuity of his lyrics struggle to hold the interest over the long haul.
The few times I've dashed in for take-out ice cream, I couldn't help but notice the drabness and dirty floors, mainly because I had so much time to kill while the unseeing wait staff slowly lumbered around in circles, arms extended, trying to bite unsuspecting diners.
A miasma of computer-generated special effects in the otherworldly sections, courtesy of the digital wizards at WETA, is distracting and we yearn for a speedy return to the drabness of reality.
The culturally diverse urban landscape capable of swallowing up hope in its gritty drabness often comes out the victor as Holway's characters--mainly Irish Italian Jewish and German immigrants and their children--struggle to rise above what life has brought them.
Revisiting Xi'an after eighteen years, in place of the low-rise concrete drabness and a guarded, slow-moving population, he finds "a hectic procession of overcrowded shopping malls, restaurants and high-tech industrial suburbs." In Samarkand after twelve years, "[s]treets have been renamed.
The pervasive drabness of all its inhabitants marks the story as one of a society in transition in which all characters are struggling to put on a better costume.
The color palette of the costume and set design was muted to near drabness, with much beige, white, and cream lit in an almost unchanging mid-day brightness.
Just look at the boring drabness of many of our Sunday Masses.
The book revels in political incorrectness--which mocks the drabness of real textbooks.
who would not hesitate an instant to trade their present living conditions for the drabness or sterility of theme-park-like urban environments.
The outcome is a lively new coterie of civic buildings that confound and transcend the more familiar notions of municipal drabness.