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After touchdown, ground crews reported that the drag chute mechanism appeared undamaged and intact.
The pilot said he tested the drag chute approximately three weeks before the accident and found no malfunctions.
Upon rollout, the drag chute was successfully deployed and the aircraft was brought to a stop approximately 1,000 feet from the end of the runway.
I deployed the drag chute and felt the familiar tug on my shoulder harness as the drag chute inflated.
It was determined later that the parachute failure had occurred because the drag chute had not been installed in accordance with local technical orders.
As the cable separated, it deployed two small but different-sized drag chutes that pulled one of the explosive charges toward the plane, detonating on contact.
(We're assuming a level runway and no thrust reverse or drag chutes. And, no, this is not an approved use of the chute in the Cirrus.) The use of brakes by the pilot also determines the outcome.