dragon tie

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angle brace

1. A strip of material which is fixed across a frame to make it rigid, as a wood strip which is nailed temporarily across the corners of a window frame or doorframe to maintain squareness during shipment or in handling before permanent installation; also called an angle tie.
2. An angle iron.
3. A special brace which is used for drilling where there is insufficient room for an ordinary brace handle to turn.
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Asked about his chances of election in the Conservative Party's key target seat, the Baronet of Bwllfa, dressed in a grey suit, with yellow checked waistcoat and Welsh dragon tie, displayed a disarmingly misguided self-confidence.
The Welsh dragon ties have gone to high profile figures such as Wales soccer manager Mark Hughes, North Wales opera star Bryn Terfel and Anglesey MP Albert Owen who has sported his to the Commons.