drainage fitting

drainage fitting, Durham fitting

A cast-iron, threaded fitting, used on drainage pipes; has a shoulder such as to present a smooth, continuous interior surface.
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First up is a drainage fitting - Geberit's Sovent (pictured in a horizontal position).
The training surfaces need expensive drainage fitting, while the training complex is too small for a Premiership squad.
50 m wide Drainage Composite serve with a linear drainage fitting and cover of coarse stone gravel.
Thief went into Persimmon Homes development and stole power float and drainage fittings.
Plastic Trends manufacturers the most complete line of quality PVC sewer, water and drainage fittings in North America.
7 Layout and specification of drainage fittings for at-grade hard
Ward Manufacturing's foundry roots date back to 1924 when Joseph Ward began casting iron steam and drainage fittings along with other plugs and bushing parts in Blossburg, Pennsylvania.
Drainage fittings have smooth internal contours with recessed shoulders -- designed to prevent waste from clogging the pipe.