drainage tile

drain tile

A hollow tile, usually laid end to end as piping (with open joints) in soil in order to drain water-saturated soil, or used to permit fluid in the hollow-tile pipe to disperse into the ground (as in an absorption field).
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After finding a drainage tile on the Johnston farm in the 1950s, Mike began collecting tiles.
Further investigation into the importance of drainage tile on the value of farmland revealed that tile, or the lack thereof, significantly influenced how prospective buyers viewed the potential of the land.
Figure 2 is a view of the unfinished installation of a drainage tile in the basement.
Nineteenth-century clay agricultural drainage tile was not perforated, but late twentieth and twenty-first-century plastic pipe is (57).
While runoff, in general, is determined to be nonpoint source pollution, the DMWW argues that water captured in drainage tile buried 3- to 4-feet deep, is groundwater, not surface water, and therefore is not exempt from federal clean-water regulations.
Wilfrid, who lives in Washington, Iowa, collects old drainage tile.
Drainage Tile Workshops Address Key Issues, THE ABERDEEN AMERICAN NEWS, Jan.
If the court had examined the property's class lives, it might have performed this analysis: Maximum Property Leased Class Life * Lease Term Drainage tile 20 years <10 years Grain bins, grain dryer and fence 10 years <5 years Pickup truck 4 years <2 years.
In addition, Trimble EZ-Office Mobile 2010 enables farmers to map field operations data, such as field boundaries, farm drainage tile lines, field obstacles and weed infestations, while on foot, in a pickup truck or from an all-terrain vehicle (ATV).
If groundwater flow pathways are parallel to the drainage tile or ditch, the riparian buffer or biological curtain may not intercept the groundwater and, consequently, have little or no impact on the N[O.sub.3] concentration.
Excavate and place tile in the same manner as that used for surface drainage tile systems, with the exception that perforated tile is used.