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drainboard, Brit. draining board

A work surface, adjacent to a sink, having a built-in pitch so that it drains into the sink.
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It also comes with two drainboards that can be used for both commercial and residential purposes.
Interior uses include: paneling, doors, mouldings, mantels, cabinetry, furniture, countertops, wooden drainboards and flooring.
Separate glasses on drainboards and in overhead racks; avoid glass-to-glass contact.
Install drainboards between process and rinse tanks.
For the highest quality and lowest price, allow us to quote your requirements on: * Stainless Steel, Poly, Maple Work Tables * Ergonomic Height Adjustable Tables * Sinks, Drainboards * Merchandising Display Fixtures - Maple or oak * Dining tables in maple or oak butcher block * Convenience Benches, Booths, Chairs
Scraping their rubber gloves on the drainboards, they thump utensils, pour out water and make gurgling sound effects, transformed into housewives in a crazed soap commercial.
Available options include reverse color sinks, contrast color inlays, drainboards, various edge profiles, various sink configurations and matte to high-gloss finishes.
We do not sell plastic commodity products like buckets, drainboards and garbage cans.
The unit, which is constructed of stainless steel, consists of a three-tub sink with two drainboards, three movable poly cutting boards, a water-wash waste trough and a highpower disposer.