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The sinks come in Classic White, Architectural White and Sand Beige, and can be combined with colored inlay at the seam and drainboard. 415
It also comes with two drainboards that can be used for both commercial and residential purposes.
Interior uses include: paneling, doors, mouldings, mantels, cabinetry, furniture, countertops, wooden drainboards and flooring.
* Separate glasses on drainboards and in overhead racks; avoid glass-to-glass contact.
* Install drainboards between process and rinse tanks.
For the highest quality and lowest price, allow us to quote your requirements on: * Stainless Steel, Poly, Maple Work Tables * Ergonomic Height Adjustable Tables * Sinks, Drainboards * Merchandising Display Fixtures - Maple or oak * Dining tables in maple or oak butcher block * Convenience Benches, Booths, Chairs
Scraping their rubber gloves on the drainboards, they thump utensils, pour out water and make gurgling sound effects, transformed into housewives in a crazed soap commercial.