draining board

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drainboard, Brit. draining board

A work surface, adjacent to a sink, having a built-in pitch so that it drains into the sink.
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When it comes to storage space in the kitchen, all three variants have one thing in common: with a standard 3-cm thick worktop, it's even possible to fit a dishwasher under the draining board. This ensures maximum use of all the available space.
The next is just silly: 'Would the person who took the ladder yesterday please bring it back or further steps will be taken.' 'After the tea break staff should empty the teapot and stand upside down on the draining board.' I wonder if anyone was tempted by this offer outside a second hand shop?
The kitchen/diner is fitted with a comprehensive range of modern wall and base units, work surfaces, an inset stainless steel circular sink with draining board, and tiled splashbacks.
In the meantime Jannette, who spends two to three hours a day cleaning the tower, is no doubt looking forward to being able to make a bit of a mess again, leaving her shoes in the middle of the hall and dishes on the draining board.
If it jumped up on the draining board, as cats do, would it fall down the sink plughole, as spiders do?
They can be left without water for a week then submerse the pot in a bowl of tepid water until it is moist all through, take it out and leave it on the draining board until the excess water has come out, before returning it to its permanent spot.
QThe draining board at the side of my sink doesn't hold glasses very well and mine keep breaking.
Feeling holier than thou (my nan always said that cleanliness is next to godliness) I went shopping but on my return found that four of my best plates had fallen off the draining board and smashed on the floor.
Among the tricks they suggest are that you put on a cook's apron, spread pots and pans on the draining board (to look as though you've used them), simmer sauce on the stove (so there's a smell of cooking), splash sauce on the hob and door (for realism), hide all the packaging before guests arrive, dash madly in and out of the kitchen to "check" on the meal, sprinkle on fresh herbs, and then - "accept praise with a slightly bashful look."
His mam stood at the draining board, grinding together two teaspoons to squeeze the last drop of flavour from a teabag.
"The defendant picked up a knife from the draining board and stabbed him in the left armpit area," said Mr Morris.
CAN you help me find a plastic draining board? - Mrs I.