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an approach to social analysis, especially associated with Erving GOFFMAN, in which the theatre is the basis of an analogy with everyday life. In this analogy, social action is viewed as a ‘performance’ in which actors both play parts and stage-manage their actions, seeking to control the impressions they convey to others (impression management). The aim of actors is to present themselves in a generally favourable light and in ways appropriate to particular roles and social ‘settings – the latter is Goffman's term for the physical trappings which signal particular roles or status. In a related way, SOCIAL ACTORS also cooperate as members of teams’, seeking to preserve a ‘front’ while hiding from view the ‘backstage’ of social relations. Since actors will play different roles in different situations, they also on occasion find it necessary to practise audience segregation, withholding in a current situation any sign of those other roles they play which, if visible, would threaten the impression being given at the moment (e.g. the problems that would arise for a homosexual judge from any disclosure of his homosexuality). The model of interaction involved in dramaturgy turns on the inevitability of acting partly on inference. For Goffman, the social order is a precarious accomplishment, always liable to be disrupted by embarrassment and breaches of front.
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The dramatic works of a writer, people, or period.

(2) The plot and characters of a play or film. Literary drama, transformed in the modern theater into a director’s script, forms the basis of theatrical dramaturgy. In cinematography, dramaturgy takes the form of screen-plays.

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The style and dramaturgy are of course Senecan, laden with sententious utterances like the one just quoted, composed of long speeches, observing the decorums of the classical unities and the reporting of offstage violence through the dialogue.
It will innovate unvisited magical realms of classicism and yet confine to the mother Book of Indian dramaturgy -- Natyasasthra -- the primeval source of all entertainment," Shobana said in a statement.
It is an adaptation of Chekhov's "The Kiss" with a dramaturgy by Moez Hamza, directed by Mounir Argui.
Among their topics are absent signifiers in contemporary American fiction and creative non-fiction, on the impact of voids: musical silence and visual absence in film, gaps as significant absences: the case of serial comics, dramaturgy of silence: absence as a means of structural tension in Joseph Haydn's string quartets, and meaningful absence in painting from the 19th century to the 21st.
The Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute and Dance House Lemesos continues their educational and research work by hosting Belgian dramatist, dance critic and educator Guy Cools in a two-day creative workshop under the title The Dramaturgy in contemporary dance, which will take place on December 15 and 16.
The 2018 Elliott Hayes Award for outstanding achievement in dramaturgy was awarded to Magda Romanska, who launched and edits TheTheatreTimes.com; Kaite O'Reilly and Ness Roque were given honorable mentions for the Elliott Hayes Award; and the 2018 Dramaturgy Driven Grant was awarded to Kate Langsdorf for proposing "The Context--A Podcast for the Dramaturgy of Everything Awesome."
At the heart of the dramaturgy are questions of cultural memory and oblivion that transpire through the series of events and are embodied in the UR's main role, Nin Gal, goddess daughter and governor of UR.
It also held a conference and two workshops; one workshop highlighted theatre networks and partnerships, while the other focused on dramaturgy and playwriting.
Theater group Sipat Lawin Ensemble (SLE) recently received Honorable Mention from the 2018 Elliott Hayes Awards for Outstanding Dramaturgy. The recognition was bestowed by the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas at its 33rd Annual Conference in Toronto.
Apart from classical recitals, the festival will also include unusual fusions and combinations.Among several specialised music festivals, the Bratislava Organ Festival (BOF) stands out as one that enhances in each edition classical dramaturgy of organ recitals with less traditional projects, intimate concerts and intriguing fusions.
Employing the term "adapturgy" (her personal neologism for the art of adaptation dramaturgy) Barnette redefines the dramaturg's role and thoroughly refutes the commonplace point of view that adapted works are somehow less creative than "original" plays.