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If you use a cashback site when you switch, you can get up to PS100 back on top of the savings - more than enough to pay for a new jumper, hot-water bottle and draught excluder too.
Draught excluders, PS20, Ulster Weavers YOU may not have the fireplace, but there is nothing to stop you rolling about on a sheepskin rug
Use draught excluders and consider underfloor heating.
Banish draughts with these mutt-have canine draught excluders.
They brought out green draught excluders with little eyes and said, 'Go on, be scared
Draught-proofing windows - fitting draught excluders to all gaps around doors and windows will keep your home warmer and reduce fuel bills.
There are a variety of draught excluders to choose from that fit around windows and doors, ranging from simple-to-fit foam self-adhesive strips, to more sophisticated silicone rubber sealants.
Not all of these alternatives are free, however, and we'll spend around PS70 buying a selection of jumpers, blankets, hot water bottles and draught excluders.
Some of the pupils' innovative ideas included a windmill in the playground to generate energy, a pavement which creates electricity when walked on, and thermal-tassel draught excluders on classroom doors to keep the heat in and the cold out.
Properly draught-proofing your home (including sealing skirting boards, fitting draught excluders and blocking cracks) will help make sure you stay toasty.
In a similar way, brush draught excluders around exterior door frames can be effective at keeping the cold out, as can a brush strip fixed to the bottom of the door - just cut it to fit and screw it in place.
Declare war on draughts by fitting draught excluders to doors and windows.