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self-propelled and non-self-propelled vessels used for the excavation and removal of bottom materials in waterways, moorages, water areas within and outside of harbors, and during other hydraulic-engineering operations for the purpose of increasing depth or maintaining the required depth. Dredges are often subsumed under the general term “technical fleet.”

Types of dredges include soil dredges, dump scows, unloading scows, rock dredges (rock crushers), and root-stump extractors. Dredges are classified according to the excavation method as bucket dredges (single-bucket and multibucket) and as suction dredges; according to their method of transporting the materials to the stowage area, they are classified as hopper dredges, barge-loading dredges (which unload the materials into dump scows), and pipeline dredges (which remove the soil in the form of pulp through a pipe). The dredges and their auxiliary vessels and equipment (tugboats, sounding boats, and floating shore pipeline) that carry out the dredging operations in a particular area are referred to collectively as a dredging caravan.


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From 2008 to 2012, permits issued by Oregon's Department of State Lands for suction dredge mining almost tripled, to 2,251, alarming fishermen, environmentalists, the tourism and recreation industries, and ordinary citizens.
The record of decision allowed for a wet dredge pilot, to see if they could meet the same standards in the record of decision for the dry dredge.
Similarly, the cutter at the suction inlet of a dredge is meant to excavate sand.
DSC Dredge, LLC advances the engineering, automation, manufacturing and quality of cutter suction and underwater pump mining dredges.
In addition to using the monofilament hand line method, some people choose to deploy their dredges from a downrigger, an outrigger, or heavy fishing rod depending on their style of boat.
Suction dredges are often used to clean fouled shell from leased grounds, to move spatted cultch after shellplanting, or to remove predators (Ismail 1985).
The dredges are fully automated with the ability to be controlled from the plant and operate with no one on board.
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation (NASDAQ:GLDD), the largest provider of dredging services in the United States and a major provider of commercial and industrial demolition and remediation services, today announced the award of the $57 million East Hidd Housing Project in Bahrain.
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation GLDD has been given 3 dredging contracts along the Delaware River by the U.
Brennan's fleet is now comprised of eight DSC dredges--six Moray Class dredges with 8-in.
Quantification of dredge data is more difficult than patent tong data in that dredges accumulate organisms as they move over the bottom, may not sample with constancy throughout a single dredge haul, and may fill before completion of the haul, thereby providing biased sampling in favor of the "early" portion of the haul.
The suction dredges perform two major tasks -- dredging channels and clay stripping.