drencher system

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sprinkler system

A system (usually automatic) for protection against fire which, when activated, sprays water over a large area in a systematic pattern; an integrated system of overhead and underground piping, designed in accordance with fire protection engineering standards, which includes: (a) one or more automatic water supplies, (b) a network of specially sized or hydraulically designed piping which is installed (generally overhead) throughout the building or area, (c) sprinklers (i.e., sprinkler heads) distributed in a systematic pattern which are attached to the piping, (d) a valve which controls each system riser or its supply piping, and (e) a device for actuating an alarm when the system is in operation.
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On the properties of a water curtain discharged from a drencher system, International Journal on Engineering Performance-Based Fire Codes 3(2): 87-91.
Drencher systems can be installed to cover external wall openings for all refuge floors.
It is permitted to leave drencher systems out of the design of refuge floors if the building design can demonstrate an equivalent fire safety level through compliance with Hong Kong's prescriptive code.