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see costumecostume,
distinctive forms of clothing, including official or ceremonial attire such as ecclesiastical vestments, coronation robes, academic gowns, armor, and theatrical dress.
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To prepare or finish a wood member by planning, or cutting a stone piece by chipping away at the irregularities.
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(civil engineering)
To smooth the surface of concrete or stone.
The arrangement of connecting wires in a circuit to prevent undesirable coupling and feedback.
(mechanical engineering)
To shape a tool.
To restore a tool to its original shape and sharpness.
(mining engineering)
To sort, grind, clean, and concentrate ore.
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On dress down days, use key items to achieve a suitable look, such as jackets or vests to dress up casual clothes, polo shirts instead of t-shirts, straight skirts instead of loose and flowy, semi-fitted tops and bottoms instead of soft dresses and crisp and tailored cuts instead of loose styles.
They wouldn't dress down in front of their customers, so what gives us the right to dress down in front of them?
DRESS DOWN Workers at business communications firm Cellular Solutions Ltd dressed in yellow
The singer insists that at least she has no plans to dress down at the Academy Awards - because wearing borrowed gowns and jewellery is fun.
I think the student vibe has taken off so people tend to dress down rather than dress up.
"Around 2000, tie sales were falling as casual dressing and dress down Fridays became the norm in offices, and working from home started to rise.
WORKERS at a Solihull company swapped their dress down Friday for a bit of glamour to hand over funds for charity.
Still, it's Dress Down Day at Space Towers tomorrow which, in theory, permits the wearing of absolutely anything in the office.
Workers have said 'get knotted' to ties as a growing number of firms allow their staff to dress down Research shows the casual approach to wearing clothes has paid dividends, with four out of five companies reporting increased productivity among staff if they did not have to wear formal clothes, the study revealed.
Workers have said "get knotted" to ties as a growing number of firms allow their staff to dress down, research has shown.
Yet men in the firm were told they could dress down in hot weather.
County Council workers swapped their suits and ties for jeans and T-shirts as part of a monthly dress down day.