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see costumecostume,
distinctive forms of clothing, including official or ceremonial attire such as ecclesiastical vestments, coronation robes, academic gowns, armor, and theatrical dress.
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To prepare or finish a wood member by planning, or cutting a stone piece by chipping away at the irregularities.


(civil engineering)
To smooth the surface of concrete or stone.
The arrangement of connecting wires in a circuit to prevent undesirable coupling and feedback.
(mechanical engineering)
To shape a tool.
To restore a tool to its original shape and sharpness.
(mining engineering)
To sort, grind, clean, and concentrate ore.
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London, Dec 3 (ANI): Petra Ecclestone, who is the heiress to a billion pound fortune, looked dishevelled and sports dressed down like a scruffy student on a tight budget at the Heathrow airport in London.
The 36-year-old mum of two and wife to gorgeous Jamie sticks to classic pieces and updates with killer accessories whether dressed down or in party mode.
The usually gorgeous Hollywood sexpot dressed down in a furry jacket which looked infested, a string vest Rab C would die for, tatty denim mini-skirt and boots.
Still-sober Jack Osbourne was in the audience, dressed down with a big red scarf and his still huge afro hair.
And he also thinks recognition of company employees by visitors could also become a problem, if the dressed down look is taken too far.
The Wrap Top is a classic, easy-care, wrinkle resistant shirt that can be dressed up or dressed down, available in paisley prints, stripes and solids for $32.
Oscar-winning actor and director Lord Attenborough, who officially opened the complex, was dressed down in cardie and jeans.
Former council candidate Karmen Brower dressed down the council for hiring a consultant at taxpayers' expense.
Comfortable essentials that can be dressed up for the office and dressed down for the weekend are a big feature this coming season.