dressed timber

dressed lumber, dressed stuff, surfaced lumber

Lumber having one or more of its faces planed smooth.
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Remember to drill a pilot hole into dressed timber before driving home a screw.
A dig in the 1960s revealed some signs of the royal palace, with dressed timber and wattle-work, roof tiles and painted plasterwork.
This class consists of units mainly engaged in producing dressed timber such as floorboards, weatherboards or mouldings, resawn timber from timber already sawn at other units, or in kiln drying or seasoning timber.
Michael used 2in x 2in dressed timber to frame over the top of the cistern and behind the toilet, attaching the batons to the wall using 3in No10 screws.
Three lengths of 2x2 dressed timber for mirror wardrobe frame - pounds 12.
The supports were made from dressed timber, screwed firmly to the wall at one side and secured by a ladder frame at the other end.
For wall-to-wall units, make a frame for the wardrobes using 2" X 2" dressed timber.
Using 2ins x 1ins dressed timber, cut a support baton the length of the radiator cover, glue and screw this to the underside of the top of the frame.
From 2" x 2" dressed timber, cut batons to fit all round the reverse of the MDF front piece and down either side, and glue and screw these in place, then screw together the front and sides of your fire surround
For wall-to-wall units, make a frame for the wardrobes with 75mm x 50mm dressed timber.