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Key words: Solgel method, Pr, Cubic spinel Ferrites, DC resistivity, Drift mobility, Dielectric properties.
In this study, we synthesized Ni2+ and Pr3+ substituted derivatives of in spinel ferrites materials by using the Sol-Gel method to investigate the effect of substitution of Ni2+ and Pr3+ at octahedral site in order to observe changes in electrical properties, such as, Dc resistivity, drift mobility, dielectric constant and dielectric loss.
According to the conduction mechanism in ferrites, the decrease in resistivity could also be related to the increase in the drift mobility of the thermally activated electrons [39, 40].
5(b) shows the variation of drift mobility with temperature.
It is observed that the drift mobility increases with the increase in temperature.
better electron mobility at a given power dissipation as mobility and drift mobility decrease with temperature and also better carrier transport thanks to lower scattering rates.
He has co-authored several publications including “Determination of Drift Mobility and Lifetime for Dominant Change Carriers in Polycrystalline CuInSe2 by Photomixing,” “Effects of Deposition Conditions on Transport Properties of Intrinsic Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Carbide Investigated by the Photomixing Technique,” and “Structural Studies of Tungstate-Tellurite Glasses by Raman Spectroscopy and Differential Scanning Calorimetry.
The decrease in drift mobility with temperature at low fields is due to increased intra-valley polar optical phonon scattering whereas the decrease in velocity at higher fields is due to increased intra and inter valley scattering.
Krumm, "Simple Method of Measuring Drift Mobility Profiles in Thin Semiconductor Films," Electronics Letters, May 1975, Vol.
6), replotted the data by Pfister (7) for drift mobility ([Mu]) in the system triphenylamine/polycarbonate (TPA/PC) as a function of the weight ratio (x) in log [Mu] vs.