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Place the bolt in a padded vise and insert a drift punch of less than 0.
You may also need a brass drift punch and hammer to adjust the windage of the dovetail front sight.
With a small drift punch, press the stud flush with the frame.
You'll need a 2x4, a small drift punch, a standard 1/4-in.
Adjusting for windage requires moving the sight with an adjustment tool-- Brownells sells several excellent types, from an elaborate gunsmith's fixture to a hammer and non-marring drift punch set.
The pin's peened face made it impossible to drive it all the way out with a drift punch.
Make note of the position of the rear sight before drifting it to the right with a nylon or other non-marring drift punch.
Push the hammer straight downward and insert a drift punch (slave pin) through the hammer pivot hole to hold it in place for insertion of the grooved hammer pin.
Second, drift out the retaining pin in a broken unit you have on hand with a very small drift punch or short length of drill rod.
When the fit has been committed to memory or duplicated with a casually rendered, yet accurate, drawing the slaves are used to push out the objective until a correctly sized drift punch can take over to complete the extraction.
You'll need a good vise wearing protective jaws, a small blade screwdriver, some cloth tape and a drift punch matching the diameter of the cylindrical pin which is listed on the parts list but not distinctly shown in the schematic.