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The best thing, however, is how easy it is to change from the drill press mode to oscillating sander.
If you've ever had to accurately bore holes through metal, drill row after row of holes for bookshelf pegs or drill a hole at an exact angle, you'll appreciate the precision of a bench-top drill press.
Polymer 80 recommends finishing its lowers with a drill press and cross-slide vise or a mill.
Lathe safety precaution sign NSN 0118-LF-115-2900, Bench grinder precaution sign NSN 0177-LF-225-3601, drill press precaution sign NSN 0118-LF-114-3000.
To generate the curve, set the drill press at its slowest speed (under 100 rpm) and lower the spinning bit until it engages the surface of the glass.
There are three methods for finishing lowers that I'm aware of: milling, routing or a drill press. Milling is by far the best method but most hobbyists don't own a milling machine.
Similarly, I have a Shop Fox utility vise which I've mounted on a small utility drill press that I use mostly for cleaning up parts with a wire wheel brush.
A First, have you checked your drill press for runout?
My cordless drill worked fine, but a drill press might perform even better.
66% of units did not have non-skid strips and striped yellow and black indicators properly installed on the deck in front of the lathe, drill press, and bench grinder.