drilled pile

augered pile

A concrete pile which is cast-in-place in a hole drilled by an auger; may be belled at the bottom; suitable in dry soil.

drilled pier, drilled pile

A concrete pier or pile that is cast in place in a hole that has been bored in soil or rock.
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The techniques of manufacturing the simulated soft rock were presented as well as its applications for the research of drilled piles in soft rocks.
The company said that its rotary drilling rigs are being used to stabilise the subsurface with cast-in-place drilled piles on the 200,000 square metre construction site.
The approach figured prominently in the decision to reinforce the building's slab-on-grade foundation with drilled piles rather than driven ones, a solution that minimized vibrations on the existing structure, making it easier to brace the building, replace its roof, and support a new rooftop generator and mechanical system.