drip bar

water bar, weather bar

A wood or metal strip which is fixed to the sill of an external door or a window to resist the penetration of water.
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You can choose from a wide range of Espresso based drinks (such as the Aussie famous Flat White) or enjoy a filter coffee from their unique GC Drip Bar.
COFFEE WITH A DIFFERENCE: The Green Cauldron Coffee House, on Castle Street BOUTIQUE CHIC: The drip bar at the Green Cauldron coffee house
Work involves stripping the seal dams/plugs, patching the deck, milling, installing a waterproof membrane, a new wearing surface, painting the beam ends, new parapets, drip bars, sealing the center joint, and substructure spall repair.
There were incorrect sashes, handles wrongly aligned, wind and rain entering through faulty hinges, leaks, and an absence of drip bars.