drip pan

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Any tray for collecting fluid dripping from aircraft. Also called a drip tray or drip pan.
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Push the coals to opposite sides of the grill and set a disposable drip pan in the center.
A drip pan was cut out of cardboard, covered in foil and spray painted flat black.
The unit had no drip pan, creating a holding area for water on the roof that eventually seeped into the building, Golf says.
Fill the drip pan with water and close the BBQ lid and grill over medium heat for three to three-and-a- half hours.
-- and the icebox was, well, it was actually an icebox, complete with drip pan.
These accessories include Instron's drip pan, designed to minimize splash.
Joints of meat, entire chicken, turkey or whole fish can be placed over the drip pan and effectively baked or roasted, but with all the flavour associated with barbecues.
If you have to cook directly over the heat source, use a drip pan to catch the juices or cover the grill rack with foil that has holes punched in it.
When coals are spotted with ash, about 20 minutes, set a drip pan (at least as large as brisket) on one side of firegrate.
Spread absorbent mats on a drip pan and slide the pan under the engine.
By the way, make sure any water drained from the hull goes into a drip pan and is disposed of according to your unit's SOP.