drip pan

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Any tray for collecting fluid dripping from aircraft. Also called a drip tray or drip pan.
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If water is left stagnate in a condensate drip pan, bacterial growth can be a concern.
In my haste to get a drip pan to catch the fuel, I went right underneath the stream of fuel, covering myself.
Fill the drip pan with water and close the BBQ lid and grill over medium heat for three to three-and-a- half hours.
If using a charcoal grill, place a large drip pan in center.
and the icebox was, well, it was actually an icebox, complete with drip pan.
These accessories include Instron's drip pan, designed to minimize splash.
If you have to cook directly over the heat source, use a drip pan to catch the juices or cover the grill rack with foil that has holes punched in it.
All leaked water was fully contained within the skid's drip pan, safely recovered and system redundancies allowed operation to continue at the required rate.
On a gas grill, set a drip pan on center burner (the indirect heat area), fill it halfway with very hot water, and heat the other burners to low (275[degrees] to 300[degrees]).
Spread absorbent mats on a drip pan and slide the pan under the engine.
By the way, make sure any water drained from the hull goes into a drip pan and is disposed of according to your unit's SOP.
All of the company's systems are equipped with a drip pan, making dispensing of fluids into containers from self-closing faucets quick, easy and spill-free.