drive array

drive array

[′drīv ə‚rā]
(computer science)
A collection of hard disks organized to increase speed and improve reliability, often with the help of data stripping.
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disk array

A group of hard drives built into a single unit, which may be configured as a RAID system (see RAID). Also called a "drive array" or "storage array," a disk array generally refers to magnetic disks or solid state disks; however, optical drives (CD, DVD, etc.) also come in multi-drive units (see optical disc library). See JBOD, SAN, NAS and server farm.

storage array

A group of hard drives or solid state drives (SSDs) built into a single unit. A storage array may be configured in a RAID architecture for redundancy or speed (see RAID). Also called a "drive array," a storage array generally refers to disks or SSDs; however, optical drives (CD, DVD, etc.) also come in multi-drive units (see optical disc library). See hard disk, SSD, JBOD, SAN, NAS and server farm.

A 84-Drive Hybrid Storage Array
This Ultrastar drive array can store 60 hard drives and 24 solid state drives (SSDs) in a 4U rack-mounted module for a total of 720 terabytes. (Image courtesy of Western Digital Corporation.)
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The highlight of the equipment being used is the HD EVS XT3, a hard disk drive array that allows for instant replay without having to stop what's currently recording.
One of the best implementations of it we've seen so far is the Promise Pegasus R6, but at $2,000, that external hard drive array is priced well beyond most people's budgets.
Unlike a car, where it is easy to "tee" a second drive array from the transmission to the wheels, a motorcycle is essentially 2-dimensional and requires complex mechanical transmission components to drive the front wheel, resulting in awkward front suspension members and frame elements, together with unorthodox styling.
A SAN is configured so that there is more than one copy of the information, so even if one drive or a drive array fails, there is a standby copy of the information.
The disk drive array business is growing at an impressive rate, but the environment is tough on manufacturers which do not secure a significant market share.
The drive array capacity can be as large as 1.92 TB and supports RAID levels 0 or 1.
Taking a small example from the current technology available today, an individual armed with a high-speed hard drive array, a laptop computer, and a few essential pieces of software has the full ability to ingest 5K and above video data, edit it, apply elaborate transitions and feature film quality visual effects, colour grade the footage, manipulate the audio, and output to industry recognised standards and deliverables all from the comfort of their home.
This is to connect an external drive array to a server, which has a SCSI controller on the motherboard.