Drive Belt

Drive Belt


the flexible element of a belt drive. Since belts largely determine the operating capacity and durability of belt drives, they should have high traction and fatigue strength, sufficient flexibility, and as high a coefficient of friction as possible. Depending on the shape of their cross sections, belts are classified as flat belts, V-belts, multiple V-belts, and round belts.

Flat belts may be leather, rubberized, or fabric (cotton or wool). Leather belts are made from strips of high-quality hide that are glued or sewn together. Rubberized belts consist of several layers of a strong fabric, such as belting, held together by vulcanized rubber; these are the belts most often used in belt drives. Fabric belts are made of several layers of strong cotton or wool yarn. V-belts use several layers of cord fabric or strings in a rubber filler. The outer surface of the belts is wrapped with several layers of rubberized fabric. Cog belts are V-belts that have transverse teeth on the underside to increase flexibility. Multiple V-belts have a flat outer surface and lengthwise V-shaped protrusions on the underside; they are reinforced with braided cord.

Round belts are made either of cotton or leather and usually have a small diameter (4–8 mm). The use of polymer belts made from polyamide resins is promising; the belts can transmit high powers (hundreds of kilowatts) at high speeds (up to 100 m/sec).


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Your drive belt drives everything, including the water pump for your alternator.
We provide regular car service to check all the faults associated with AC like drive belt tension, faulty compressor, and so on.
The supplier's new Universal Drive for its 2200 Series of low-profile end drive belt conveyors features a single part number that covers all speed, load and mounting positions.
The drive belt connects the brush roller to a spinning motor shaft.
Further investigation found the right alternator drive belt loose and the left alternator unserviceable.
The patented low-maintenance flex shaft screen drive eliminates drive belt influence on the screen motion, belt whip, belt slippage and spring loaded belt tensioners.
The company is recalling a total of 2,459 Lancer EX and Ralliart units sold from 2008 to 2011, 603 Outlander units sold from 2008 to 2009, 600 ASX units sold in 2011, and eight Lancer Evolution X units sold from 2008 to 2010, to check the pulley and auto tensioner, which are likely to wear out due to inappropriate material in the engine drive belt, which could cause the drive belt to come off.
It will also conduct safety recall on the engine drive belt pulley and auto tensioner as this may wear out due inappropriate material of the engine drive belt and may cause the drive belt to come off.
The company says in documents posted by safety regulators that pulleys can experience unusual wear and damage the drive belt.
In the event of a drive roller or drive belt failing these can be easily removed and replaced.
Users, Specifiers and OEM's today, should speak directly to the belt manufacturer well before proceeding to design, upgrade, or indeed re-design an existing motor unit, machine, or operational plant build, as the technology, performance and material variants available to a belt manufacturer, are not only extremely diverse, but constantly improving, especially in cases where in the case of Optibelt for example, as part of its global services portfolio, will often design, test and produce an optimised drive belt, tailored to that user's / OEM's exact application.
2200 Series Mid Drive belt conveyor platforms free up the motor and mounts from both ends of the conveyor, creating additional available space for operator and machine interfaces.