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I think I will have to concede the inane drivel title to you Mick Bowen.
New Delhi [India], June 14 ( ANI ): After the Ayush ministry released a booklet that said pregnant women should control 'lust', hang "beautiful" pictures on the wall and shun non-vegetarian food to deliver a healthy baby, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM) on Wednesday said that instead of discussing the best possible nourishment, the government is promoting this "obscurantism and nonsense" unscientific drivel.
He added: "We have to try to stem this tide of drivel and set the record straight."
Officer Drivel: track should suit but ground a concern
LINGFIELD: 1.30 Where's Reiley, 2.00 Harvest Mist, 2.30 Dove Mountain, 3.05 Drinkuptrig, 3.35 Narborough, 4.05 Drive On, 4.35 Officer Drivel LUDLOW: 2.10 Lochnagar, 2.40 Buckhorn Tom, 3.15 Moulin De La Croix, 3.45 Baltimore Rock, 4.15 Take The Mick, 4.45 Tara Royal, 5.15 Island Cruise.
This isn't just drivel. It's awesomely repetitive drivel...
Hammer blow for 4,000 jobs plan on derelict site as council pulls plug on deal Page 5 PR company hit by PS180,000 theft by employee is rescued from administration Page 7 Launch of new Range Rover described as the ultimate luxury vehicle Page 17 Business anger as city centre becomes ghost town as hundreds of schools shut in snow Page 6 How 'Smart City' vision was described as 'meaningless drivel' by council committee Page 8 How did your child's school do?
Seattle comic Derek Sheen will headline a show Wednesday at Oak Street Speakeasy, touring in support of his new comedy release, "Holy Drivel." If you like Louis C.K.
MAX Milner's actor father has branded the show that's making his son famous "appalling sycophantic drivel".
ON THE subject of the Beeb, one of my biggest gripes is always how local radio disc jockeys get away with shamelessly forcing their drivel down my earholes by hijacking the travel bulletins.
OF all the anachronistic idiocies governing life in Wales today, the national planning system must be the most blinkered piece of drivel.
They feed us with a diet of drip-drip-drip drivel about it.