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1. Any pipe in a building-drainage system which carries waste water or water-borne waste.
2. Any pipe or channel for carrying waste water or storm water.
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Further research is needed to ascertain which types of neurons that make up the DRN are involved in the process.
The findings open up new avenues of research into exactly how the brain controls eating, and suggest that drugs designed to activate or inhibit neurons in the DRN could be effective in treating obesity and preventing its related disorders, such as diabetes and hypertension.
Algorithm for assigning the HopIDs with the help of hello packets Two types of Hello packets (hp) broadcasts sink hello packet(S-hp) and courier hello packet(C-hp) From each Sink (S-hp) with HopID "[N.sub.]"or "[N.sub.]" Max Hop Count = 8 for BSN Max Hop Count = 4 for DRN Max Hop Count = 4 for DDN From Courier node (C-hp) with HopID "[N.sub.]" & Max Hop Count = 8 for BSN Max Hop Count = 4 for DRN Max Hop Count = 4 for DDN Default nodes addresses: Right SINK -- Left SINK -- Courier Node -- (if more than 1, then DDN node -- increase like 12, 13...
Alex Young joins DRN with a formidable background in the Insurance industry working for many of the leading risk and underwriting platform providers.
Employees were given allowances to purchase DRN logoed shirts, pants and jackets from an approved supplier.
Digital Recognition Network (DRN) is a data company exclusively focused on license plate identification, asset value preservation, fraud mitigation and on automotive data derived from license plate identification.
In addition to representation from member firms in the engineering and transportation industries, both the International Federation of Red Cross and the United Nations are leaders in the formation of the Founding Committee that is structuring the vision for the DRN.
DRN Pro is designed to detect side effects, interactions, contraindications, and allergies of more than 40,000 over-the-counter and prescription drugs in the United States.
It came amid the great achievements we did this season and yet to come; it is useful for both teams," Abdelaziz said to DRN radio program.
First study author Alexander Nectow and his colleagues zeroed in on the dorsal raphe nucleus, or DRN, when whole-brain imaging made with iDISCO, an advanced technique developed at Rockefeller, revealed that this part of the brain becomes activated in hungry mice.
DRN collects over 100 million sightings nationwide each month.