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Prolapse, abnormal depression, or falling down of an organ or part; applied especially to drooping of the upper eyelid, from paralysis of the third cranial nerve.



drooping of the upper eyelid. It may be unilateral or bilateral, total or partial, or congenital or acquired. Congenital ptosis is caused by incomplete development or absence of the muscle that lifts the upper lid. The condition is treated by surgery.

Acquired ptosis is generally unilateral; it results from such diseases as neuritis of the oculomotor nerve and encephalitis, which lead to paresis or paralysis of the oculomotor nerve that innervates the muscle lifting the upper lid. The condition is treated by eliminating the underlying disease, by physiotherapy, and occasionally by surgery.

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With e-mailing, thanks to BlackBerry, now a matter of 24-hour concern, you can guarantee that, within the world of business, you'll be seeing many callus-ridden thumbs and droopy eyelids over the coming months.
Witnesses said he looked gormless and had droopy eyelids.
For example, it can result in droopy eyelids or make facial expressions change.
Plastic surgeon Dalvi Humzah is used to nipping and tucking beer bellies, sagging jowls, and droopy eyelids but admits even he is surprised about the amount of Brummies worried about as 30 per cent of men over 40 have man boobs.
DAVID CLARK, 52, hated his droopy eyelids and the bags under his eyes.
The mother of two has the square cheekbones, prominent chin and droopy eyelids of the statesman.
If the botox is injected too low or the patient rubs the treated area shortly afterwards, it can end up paralysing the wrong muscles, leading to droopy eyelids and brows.
Bethan was born with a syndrome called Blepharoptosis Epicanthus, in other words she has droopy eyelids.
Now she has Winston's famous square cheekbones as well as the prominent chin and droopy eyelids of the cigar-smoking premier.
Of course many of my clients have had work done - Cher and Melanie Griffith among others - there's not a lot you can do about sagging necklines, droopy eyelids and bags under the eyes.
Sufferers usually have distinctive facial features including droopy eyelids, outside corners of the eyes that point downwards, skin folds covering the inner corner of the eyes, a small jaw, and low-set ears.
Reconstructive procedures include treatment for baggy or droopy eyelids and eyebrows, scars, eyes that protrude (Graves' Disease), blocked tear ducts, tumors of the eyelid and orbit, artificial eye implants, broken bones around the eye, sunken eyes, congenital defects of the orbit, and facial paralysis.