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Prolapse, abnormal depression, or falling down of an organ or part; applied especially to drooping of the upper eyelid, from paralysis of the third cranial nerve.



drooping of the upper eyelid. It may be unilateral or bilateral, total or partial, or congenital or acquired. Congenital ptosis is caused by incomplete development or absence of the muscle that lifts the upper lid. The condition is treated by surgery.

Acquired ptosis is generally unilateral; it results from such diseases as neuritis of the oculomotor nerve and encephalitis, which lead to paresis or paralysis of the oculomotor nerve that innervates the muscle lifting the upper lid. The condition is treated by eliminating the underlying disease, by physiotherapy, and occasionally by surgery.

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Paralysis, lop-sided lips, droopy eyelids, blistered and infected facial sores and even admission to intensive care are some of things that can happen after using dodgy jabs.
However, the down-to-earth actress draws the line at cosmetic surgery, saying: "I did think about having my droopy eyelids done once but my husband and my son went mad.
The Birds of a Feather star, who is 60 next birthday, explained: "I did think about having my droopy eyelids done once but my husband and son went mad so I've stuck with them.
A year later, Senga had surgery to correct droopy eyelids and, since then, she's maintained her looks with regular Botox and filler injections.
Other skin symptoms linked with booze include redness between the eyes, droopy eyelids and a dehydrated complexion, which makes fine lines more pronounced.
Myasthenia gravis (MG), an autoimmune disease in which the nerve impulse that initiates movement fails to reach the muscle cells, causing weakness, including droopy eyelids, facial weakness, impaired eye coordination, weakness of the limbs, neck, shoulders, hips and trunk muscles.
Jones and colleagues collected 234 skin samples from four people ages 55 to 73 who had plastic surgery to correct droopy eyelids.
Specifically she developed bilateral lower limb numbness gait difficulties upper limb stiffness droopy eyelids slurred speech and dysphagia.
Droopy eyelids, dark circles and puffy eyes tell the world you're weary, while a never-ending to-do list, trouble dropping off to sleep or burning the candle at both ends can make wrinkles appear deeper and your complexion dull.
Initial symptoms often include constipation, lethargy, poor feeding, weak cry, droopy eyelids, poor head control and progressive weakness.
He reported that Toth had droopy eyelids, watery, bloodshot eyes, and his breath smelled strongly of alcohol.
Her husband, James Toth, had droopy eyelids and watery, bloodshot eyes, and his breath smelled strongly of alcohol, according to the report.