drop ceiling

dropped ceiling, drop ceiling

2.See soffit.
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Maintenance crews were brought in to fix the problem traced to a copper pipe in a vacant area between the drop ceiling and roof.
We praised the cheap drop ceiling and not the mural on the walls of the Highpoint Christian Church nursery for proffering mercy, for the way its plainness saved our eyes from having to meet the gaze of human faces painted where animal faces should be--nightmares to the child plotting her escape from any academy let alone a school of Christ suffering the children to play under scenes depicting that first garden we lost and where, in their version, we crawled like cartoon hybrids of the locusts John the Revelator later dreamed: shapes of horses, bared teeth of lions, scorpions, hair of women, wings.
Cook is doing the construction himself.<br />Cook's building is a former scrapbooking store that had pink carpet and a nine-foot drop ceiling when he got the keys.
FlexHead and SprinkFLEX manufacture and hold patents for both FlexHead and SprinkFLEX brands of adjustable sprinkler piping drops for fire sprinkler applications in drop ceiling spaces and other applications.
Siemon, a global network infrastructure vendor, has announced a new passive ceiling zone enclosure in the Middle East that installs flush within a 2 X 2 foot drop ceiling tile space.
DIY expert Donny Sheridan answers your questions QWE HAD a leak above our drop ceiling that stained one of the tiles and we don't have spares.
After closer inspection, it was discovered that the drop ceiling over the tellers' counter was covering a 30-by-40-foot ceiling painting--a stunning discovery and one that the Cruesses couldn't ignore.
Installation can be done in three steps without an electrician and it even works with drop ceiling tiles often used in healthcare facilities.
The Diverter clips securely to the framework of any drop ceiling, capturing water leaks and masking damage until repairs can be made.
There was a case where a SWAT officer stepped on a baby's head while looking for drugs in a drop ceiling. There was one where an II-year-old boy was shot at point-blank range.