drop ceiling

dropped ceiling, drop ceiling

2.See soffit.
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Installation of drywall installation walls, facing shells and suspended grid system ceilings and drywall ceilings in all building sections of katzengraben kpenick fire station as part of the planned general maintenance, essentially: 745 m 2 drywall without fire protection requirements, 75 m 2 drywall with fire protection requirements, 275 m 2 drywall attachment shells, 1 250 m 2 grid ceiling with mineral fiber boards, 420 m 2 self-supporting mineral slab ceiling, 440 m 2 drywall drop ceiling, 25 m wc partition wall system including doors.
Owners put in floors, drop ceiling, hood, LED lights & more at substantial cost.
DIY expert Donny Sheridan answers your questions QWE HAD a leak above our drop ceiling that stained one of the tiles and we don't have spares.
After closer inspection, it was discovered that the drop ceiling over the tellers' counter was covering a 30-by-40-foot ceiling painting--a stunning discovery and one that the Cruesses couldn't ignore.
I called for more line, and he turned to see if he could stretch the line, and stepped maybe three inches to the side, and fell 15 to 20 feet through a drop ceiling onto a concrete floor.
Installation can be done in three steps without an electrician and it even works with drop ceiling tiles often used in healthcare facilities.
The Diverter clips securely to the framework of any drop ceiling, capturing water leaks and masking damage until repairs can be made.
There was a case where a SWAT officer stepped on a baby's head while looking for drugs in a drop ceiling.
has designed this diverter to be placed above a drop ceiling (although it can be hung if needed).
Designed to be placed above a drop ceiling, the PIG captures and diverts leaks and drips before they saturate and damage acoustic tile.
Used in place of a single 2' x 2' drop ceiling tile, the opaque dome is 14" in diameter and projects 6.
The project included removal and disposal of the existing drop ceiling in the basement; removal and disposal of the sprayed on, fireproofing material from certain areas; removal and disposal of pipe fittings that contained asbestos and replacement thereof with nonasbestos fittings; and encapsulation of some of the basement's existing fireproofing.