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drop zone (DZ)

A specified earmarked area where airborne troops, equipment, and supplies are to be dropped.
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Step 4: The distance from the drop zone to the stadium gates is about 200-300 metres.
From there they will be transported to the Expo Centre drop zone via a shuttle.
They will then be transported to the Expo Centre drop zone via a shuttle.
WALK TO STADIUM:From the abovementioned drop zones, people would have to walk around 200 to 300 metres towards the gates of the stadium where the final checking would be done.
They will undergo another physical search at the drop zone.
As the death penalty for treason was not abolished until 1988, Blunt, named as a traitor by Margaret Thatcher nine years earlier, should, like Nazi propagandist William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw), in 1946, have been designated his own drop zone on the gallows at Wandsworth prison.
In the afternoon, the training focus shifted from passengers to cargo--specifically the recovery of eight cargo items airdropped by C-130s from the 908th AW onto a drop zone 12 miles west of Maxwell AFB.
To rearrange the pivot table, simply drag field headings to a new section of the report in Excel 2003 or to a different drop zone in Excel 2007.
Trouble began nearly two years ago for the rival companies, which had operated out of side-by-side Hobby Field hangers for more than a decade, landing their customers at a drop zone on and directly beside Creswell's Hobby Field.
Spectators are requested to use the same shuttle service and route they came to the drop zone in.
Both Moore and Dave Wright of Wright Brothers say they have backup drop zones, though neither would say where.