drop-down menu

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drop-down menu

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pull-down menu

Also called a "drop-down menu" or "pop-down menu," the common type of menu used with a graphical user interface (GUI). Clicking a menu title causes the menu items to appear to drop down from that position and be displayed. Options are selected either by clicking the menu item or by continuing to hold the mouse button down and letting go when the item is highlighted.

On Web pages, menu items are often displayed automatically as soon as the cursor is positioned over the menu title. JavaScript is widely used to implement pull-down menus on the Web. See JavaScript.
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Above and below the product images were drop-down menus with phrases - the top menus were phrases for beginning the caption story, and below were ending phrases.
According to the company, the drop-down menu function has been developed following feedback from its online video partners.
Begin by clicking on Tools, Macro and then, from the drop-down menu, select Macro, Record New Macro (see screenshot below).
When the dialogue box appears select the theme tab and then click on the drop-down menu and select Windows Classic from the list.
The site allows visitors to click on a map of the United States, choose a national park unit from a drop-down menu, or search for particular interests, such as birding, camping, hiking, and others.
To find it, one must go to dysney.com, search the entertainment drop-down menu to click on Dysney Books, then click on the Jump At The Sun link at the bottom of that page.
At the upper right-hand corner of the home page, click on "professional interest sections;" and then, using the drop-down menu, select any section.
To use the widget, customers can enter their flight numbers or select their flights' departure airport from a drop-down menu to check if their flights are scheduled on Wi-Fi equipped aircraft.
Fill in the Subject line and use the drop-down menu to select a Mail format.
Libraries receive a subject-browsing drop-down menu as part of their HTML reports and can copy it anywhere on their Web sites.
Click on the drop-down menu under the schemes heading and select one of the new ones from the list.
Users enter defect information from a drop-down menu after each shot.