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- Low dropout voltage, a requirement for high-efficiency power supply applications
The LT3045 delivers up to 500-mA output current with a 260-mV dropout voltage at full load across a wide 1.8-V to 20-V input voltage range.
The dropout voltage of the regulator is the drainto-source voltage [V.sub.DS] of the power transistor [M.sub.Power], and its minimum value corresponds to the overdrive voltage [V.sub.OV] of equation 1.
Vukic, "Minimum dropout voltage on a serial PNP transistor of a moderately loaded voltage regulator in a gamma radiation field," Nuclear Technology & Radiation Protection, vol.
(NASDAQ: ISIL) announced a new series of ultra-low dropout linear regulators that it says delivers the industry's lowest full-load dropout voltage.
The low quiescent current, low dropout voltage, and wide input voltage range of the ADP5034 and ADP5024 also enable more efficient power management.
The output voltage ranges from 0 V to 35 V, while the dropout voltage is only 275 mV at full load.
The dropout voltage for the family is typically at 270 mV, 140 mV and 100 mV at 3 A, 1.5 A and 0.8 A and a maximum of 1 V, 500 mV and 400 mV over temperature.
The S-814 also has a low dropout voltage. The two series have a built-in power-off circuit which ensures long battery life, and a built-in short current limit circuit.