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The ejection of solid, liquid, or gaseous material from a volcano.
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What does it mean when you dream about an eruption?

An eruption, such as a volcanic eruption, usually indicates the forceful breakthrough of unconscious material—repressed thoughts or urges—into consciousness. More generally, an eruption may indicate an upheaval in one’s life.

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FDE is the commonest type of drug eruption seen in this hospital (54.54%) followed by photosensitivity (5.45%).
Diagnosis patients (%) Lichen planus & variants 1 Classical lichen planus 25 37.87 2 Lichen planus pigmentosus 11 16.66 3 Follicular lichen planus 1 1.51 4 Bullous lichen planus 1 1.51 5 Hypertrophic lichen planus 11 16.66 6 Oral lichen planus 2 3.03 Lichenoid eruptions 1 Lichenoid drug eruption 1 1.51 2 Fixed drug eruption 1 1.51 3 Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus 2 3.03 4 Lupus erythematosus (systemic/discoid) 3 4.54 5 Lichen nitidus 2 3.03 6 Lichen striatus 1 1.51 7 Pityriasis lichenoids chronica 4 6.06 8 Lichenoid tattoo reaction 1 1.51 Total 66 100 Table 4: Epidermal histopathological changes Sl.
Key words Cefuroxime, congenital, fixed drug eruption.
Drug eruptions, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, erythema multiforme, fixed drug eruption
"If a patient develops a morbilliform drug eruption much later than I would expect, then my suspicion [for DRESS] goes up." Patients with DRESS often have fever and systemic symptoms.
Hepatitis B is a significant worldwide health problem, which is treated with entecavir, a common nucleoside (deoxyguanosine) analog with various side effects, such as lactic acidosis, myalgia, azotemia, hypophosphatemia, headache, diarrhea, pancreatitis, and neuropathy, and, in rare cases, cutaneous drug eruption (3,4,5).
In addition, the most common misdiagnoses were allergic contact dermatitis, drug eruption, papular urticaria, nutritional deficiency, atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, cellulitis, and herpes infection.
Oral lichen planus is an idiopathic immunoinflammatory mucocutaneous condition, but sometimes, in genetically susceptible subjects, it may be triggered by certain systemic medications in which case it is termed lichenoid drug eruption or drug-induced lichen planus.
A Rare Case of Fixed Drug Eruption due to Ondansetron.
In phototoxic reaction, distribution includes only sun-exposed skin and clinical characteristics are similar to exaggerated sunburn, whereas photoallergic reaction includes dermatitis (systemic administration of photo-allergen causes a picture of drug eruption, while topical application of the substance causes eczematous morphology) (4-10).
[3] Cutaneous ADR (CADR) is any undesirable change in the structure or function of the skin, its appendages or mucous membrane and encompasses all adverse events related to drug eruption, regardless of the etiology.
Inclusion criteria comprised (i) being aged 15 and above; (ii) being a PLHIV, registered and followed up at the study site between January 2010 and December 2014; (iii) being on continuous ART with a clearly stated therapeutic protocol; (iv) having presented with a confirmed drug eruption after initiation of ART, this being diagnosed by a dermatologist; (v) having shown a skin reaction very likely linked to use of a drug with an established extrinsic accountability; (vi) having a computerized medical file and a physical medical record at the onset of drug eruption.

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