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The ejection of solid, liquid, or gaseous material from a volcano.

What does it mean when you dream about an eruption?

An eruption, such as a volcanic eruption, usually indicates the forceful breakthrough of unconscious material—repressed thoughts or urges—into consciousness. More generally, an eruption may indicate an upheaval in one’s life.

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Fixed drug eruption and acneform eruption are the most commonly encountered ACDRs at our tertiary care centre.
MATERIAL & METHODS: The material for the present study comprises 30 cases of fixed drug eruption, who attended the Out Patient Department of Dermatology, King George Hospital, Visakhapatnam from 01-05-2007 to 31-04-2008.
We had a patient born with lesions having the characteristic of drug eruption clinically and interface dermatitis histologically.
51%) each of drug induced lichenoid reaction, fixed drug eruption, follicular lichen planus, bullous lichen planus, lichen striatus, & lichenoid tattoo reaction.
ACE-inhibitor-induced drug eruption resembling lymphocytic infiltration (of Jessner-Kanof) and lupus erythematosus tumidus.
34% had maculopapular rash, 24% Stevens-Johnson syndrome, 12% exfoliative dermatitis, 10% urticaria, 8% fixed drug eruption, 8% erythema multiforme, 8% bullae, 6% vesicles, 2% lichenoid eruption and 2% scaly eruptions.
Skin lesions can also be the result of a drug eruption, but the patient's medications did not suggest as much, said Dr.
They range from anaphylaxis, erythema multiforme, photosensitivity, licheniform, psoriasiform, pitiryasiform, Steven Johnson syndrome, skin pigmentation, a lupus-like fixed drug eruption, seborrhoea and pseudolymphomatous eruption.
We also report a rare case of acquired PPKD, secondary to lichenoid drug eruption, which was previously unreported in the literature to the best of our knowledge.
DISCUSSION: Fixed Drug Eruption (FDE) is characterized by sudden onset of sharply marginated round to oval itchy erythematous and edematous macules that evolve into dusky violaceous plaques on the skin and mucus membrane.

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