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Druids, who were relegated from the Welsh Premier last season, are currently top of the Huws Gray Alliance.
Quite unexpectedly, I was drawn to one isolated tower block in particular - Pleck House - which has a guard of wonderfully mature trees next to it on the Walkers Heath Park side of Druids Lane.
Cefn Druids started the stronger and it took them just 13 minutes to take the lead after a defensive error allowed a clear strike at goal.
Having landed the UK's PS7,500 top jumping prize at Sittingbourne in record time for trainer Derek Knight, the July 2008 son of Tyrur Ted- Druids Judicial joined Fraser Black for the [euro]5,000 Irish version at Harold's Cross, for which he ran-up in 2011.
With a bit more composure in front of goal, Druids might have taken a lead to defend into the second leg and My-Pa, who knew they had been let off the hook, made sure there was no room for error at the second time of asking.
Each day all players will be entered into a draw, from which a daily winner will be invited back to play in the Druids Glen shot In A Million competition in County Wicklow on september 16.
Druidry was one the first known spiritual practices in Britain, and druids existed in Celtic societies elsewhere in Europe as well.
Its dramatis personae are not the ancient Druids of Caesar, Pliny and Lucan's texts, but rather the extraordinary imaginings of early modern British antiquarians, not least their mythologies concerning Stonehenge.
It turns out the Druids were a darn sight more interesting than you thought, and it wasn't all about stroking rabbits, hanging up wind-chimes and refusing to shave your tache.
Last week, McGrath used the white supremacist website Stormfront to call on his followers to murder Connor and one of his druids.
99) updates a decade-old classic, pairing a specifically Wiccan outlook with tips on family and kids which can be useful for Druids and other new age spirituality followers too.
However, the Druids were good sports and even chanted a spooky, mono-syllabic prayer for Way.