drum hoist

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1. In building, a machine for lifting workers and materials to upper stories during erection of the structure.
2. A machine that provides power drive to a cable drum used to pull or lift a load.
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On a drum hoist the unit will first emit an audible warning and if further slack rope is detected will initiate a trip signal to the safety circuit.
Tenders are invited for Design Drawing fabrication supply erection testing and commissioning of electrically operated rope drum hoist of Head sluice Gates size 1800MM 2500MM 4nos 2Service 2 Emergency for Bagh canal project Pujari tola
Tenders are invited for Design drawing fabrication and errection testing commissioning of 5MT capacity manually operated rope drum hoist for canal gates.
45 Ton capacity Fixed Type Rope Drum Hoist for Chamera-ll Power Station, Chamba (HP)