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a stick used for playing a drum
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a variety of sex chromatin found in a very few neutrophilic leukocytes in females with a normal chromosome set. A drumstick looks like a strand with a round head protruding from the lobule of the nucleus. Drumsticks are taken into account when analyzing sex disturbances of a chromosomal nature.

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Place the drumsticks in a gallon-size zip-top bag, along with the cranberry sauce or relish, maple syrup, oil, a four-fingered pinch each of the salt and pepper, and the sage.
Although, Trump officially pardoned two turkeys, Twitterati chose Drumstick, rather than Wishbone, to be the official National Turkey.
"It was not only the quality of drumsticks, it was the lack of variety of drumsticks that were being offered," he recalled later.
"Turkey drumsticks make for an inexpensive, flavoursome family roast.
The promotion requires the purchase of two Nestle Drumstick Cones for their product code information.
They reside within the sphere of the African ritual, the ur-theatre of black culture, and so represent the fluidity of Time and Space, the modalities of an interwoven and overlapping Past, Present, and Future: Black Woman With Fried Drumstick says that "yesterday today next summer tomorrow just uh moment uhgo in 1317 dieded thuh last black man in the whole entire world ....
Mathews and his collaborators at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, N.J., have invented a sensor that responds to the beat of a soft drumstick. The sensor tells the computer where, when and how hard the sensor is hit.
In a video posted on the Twitter account of the fast-food chain's New Zealand branch, there were depicted a number of Christmas tree-worthy decorations in the shape of Colonel Sanders' face, a chicken wing, drumstick, fries and a bucket of fried chicken in a sleek black snack box, in a bid to transform this December 25 into one that's "finger-lickin' good."
The purpose of the expansion is to increase Nestle Drumstick capacity by adding an additional production line.
But they soon stepped up to such a riotously funky level people couldn't help but move - percussionist PJ O'Connor playing so furiously his drumstick broke.
About 1/2 inch from large end of one drumstick, push needle through flesh, perpendicular to and against the bone; pull string through (if needle is too slippery to grasp, use pliers).