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see fruitfruit,
matured ovary of the pistil of a flower, containing the seed. After the egg nucleus, or ovum, has been fertilized (see fertilization) and the embryo plantlet begins to form, the surrounding ovule (see pistil) develops into a seed and the ovary wall (pericarp) around the
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a fleshy fruit with a hard, woodlike pit and a juicy (as in plums and cherries) or more or less dry (almond) or fibrous (coconut) outer layer. Drupes may have one pit (plum, almond) or many (raspberry). The juicy part of the drupe serves as food for animals (mainly birds), which disperse the seeds; it is also consumed by human beings in fresh or preserved form.


A fruit, such as a cherry, having a thin or leathery exocarp, a fleshy mesocarp, and a single seed with a stony endocarp. Also known as stone fruit.


an indehiscent fruit consisting of outer epicarp, fleshy or fibrous mesocarp, and stony endocarp enclosing a single seed, as in the peach, plum, and cherry
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Mean values and standard deviation of morpho-agronomic and biochemical descriptors are reported in Table 1 where cv Maiatica drupes and endocarps were higher in weight than average.
Black pepper is produced from the still-green unripe drupes of the pepper plant.
Table 18-2 Temperate Fruit Trees Group Common name Scientific name Pome fruits Apple Malus domestica Pear Pyrus communis Drupe or stone fruits Peach Prunus persica Nectarine Prunus persica Plum Prunus spp.
When the endocarp of a fleshy fruit is hard, or stony, the fruit is classified as a drupe.
Stone or drupe fruits are classified together because of their single, hard, bony seeds inside the soft fleshy fruit.
2) As frequently and loosely used, a drupe with relatively thin fleshy exocarp and a large stone (pyrene), or the pyrene itself, as the walnut (Juglans) and hickory nut (Carya).
Glassman is a heliophilous species, selective hygrophilous and pioneer and has reaches 10-20 meters in height, and stipe with 20-30 cm in diameter and drupe type globular and oval-shape fruits with yellowish-orange pulp when ripe, fleshy and sweet (REIS, 2006; Genini et al.
One seeded ovoid drupe, exocarp and mesocarp fused and indistinguishable one from another; three external longitudinal grooves delimiting three valves, endocarp thin, not sculptured; apical stigmatic remains; one locule, seed deltoid; endosperm homogeneous and ruminate; apical germination pore and basal hilum.
HP had a major presence at drupe, with its Indigo systems front and center.
The fruit is a drupe with I-4 seeds, weighing 160g (fresh weigh) and with a volume of 315 cm (3) (Araujo 1995; Leite et al.