dry riser system

dry standpipe system

A standpipe system that is normally dry.
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The successful service provider will be required to provide the following services: testing and inspection programme of fire alarms and emergency lighting, servicing / inspection and repair of fire equipment including fire blankets, fire extinguishers and dry riser system, inspection and maintenance of lightening conductors; and, repairs identified following inspection / servicing.
Tenders are invited for Annual Contract For Manning & Operation Of Firefighting Equipments And Other Fire Fighting Appliances And Maintenance Of Fire Alarm, Mcp/Panel System And Comprehensive Maintenance Of Dry Riser System At Ofb Hqrs.
Tenders are invited for Refurbishing of existing dry riser system from DDK campus i/c repairing of fire alarm panel, checking, cleaning and set right of individual zones & detector etc.
Bush Fire, a fire protection engineering company in Middlesex, turned to LDV's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) department to design a bespoke unit to test dry riser systems in high rise buildings.
Description of the types of work for which Orders may be issued:This includes but is not limited to:-- planned, corrective and emergency maintenance to fire suppression systems (sprinkler systems, dry riser systems, gas suppression systems)- specialist repairs- minor system upgradesThe location of the works is within the boundaries of North Ayrshire Council, including the islands of Arran and Cumbrae.
Servicing of gas suppression systems, wet and dry riser systems, and sprinkler sy