dry saturated steam

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dry saturated steam, dry steam

Steam containing no water in suspension.
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The heat consumption for dry saturated steam production is:
Steam quality (below the superheat range) is defined in terms of dryness fraction x for a given pressure, dry saturated steam has dryness fraction 1, very wet steam, just about to condense back to liquid, has dryness fraction O.
The characteristic of dry saturated steam (x = 0.97) is that it is virtually invisible close to the nozzle; the jet only becomes clearly visible some 10-11 diameters downstream.
Cold start to superheat steam production is typically 4-5 minutes; dry saturated steam 2-3 minutes, wet steam 1-2 minutes.
The mass rate of dry saturated steam for thermal energy needs [Q.sub.t] = 11,6 x [10.sup.6] kJ/h ([N.sub.t]=3,23 [MW.sub.t]) is:
with dry saturated steam h" and boiling water h" enthalpies (Budin & Mihelic-Bogdanic, 2002).