dry shake

monolithic surface treatment, dry shake

The treatment of the surface of unformed concrete by sprinkling a mixture of dry cement and sand on it after the water has mostly disappeared from the surface, following the strike-off; it is then worked in by floating.
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Simple syrup 1 Egg white 6 Mint leaves 5 Dashes Angostura bitters Combine all ingredients in a shaker and dry shake to foam the egg white.
Dry shake (shake without ice) lemon juice, egg white and syrup in a shaker to create a very smooth and frothy texture for a fuller mouth feel.
Add all ingredients to a shaker and dry shake. Open the shaker, add ice and then shake again for about 8 seconds.
Method: Dry shake (without ice) all ingredients together, then shake again with ice and strain into a chilled coupette.
simple syrup 1 egg white Soda water Peychaud's bitters Dry shake all of the ingredients except the soda water to build a good froth from the egg white, then shake again with ice.
Combine ingredients in shaker, dry shake (20 shakes).
Place all of the ingredients into a Boston shaker and dry shake. Empty the contents into a thistle glass, and serve over ice.
Sikafloor-2 SynTop is a one part, preblended, coloured synthetic dry shake hardener for concrete comprising of cement, hard aggregates, compatible admixtures and pigment.
Add rum, Triple Black Syrup, lime and whole egg into a mixing tin and "dry shake" for 30 seconds.
Earlier in the construction programme the dry shake surface hardening system Sikafloor-2 SynTop was applied to the 52,000sq metre floor of the Quinn Glass warehouse by Twintec Ltd.
Then, add one egg white to a shaker with 1 cube of ice and "dry shake" to create froth.
Dry shake to fluff up, then add ice and shake until chilled.