dry sprinkler system

dry-pipe sprinkler system

1. A complete fire-protection sprinkler system with sprinkler heads in which there is no water unless the system is actuated (either automatically or manually) in case of fire; esp. used in areas subject to freezing temperatures, or to avoid the hazards of leaking or bursting pipes.
2. A fire sprinkler system containing a network of pipes filled with air or nitrogen under pressure and equipped with an automatic sprinklers; when the sprinklers open, the air or nitrogen is released, thereby opening a valve (called a dry-pipe valve) which permits water to enter the pipes and to flow out the opened sprinklers.
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* Install a dry sprinkler system with a centrally connected water-flow alarm.
also offers ample parking, a dry sprinkler system and close proximity to retail and dining establishments.
Storage areas are compartmentalized to hinder fire spread, and covered by a dry sprinkler system which only fills with water when activated by smoke detectors, to try and avoid water damage caused by broken pipes.
Available at less-than-market rates, the property also offers ample parking and a dry sprinkler system.
When designing dry sprinkler systems, it is important to include proper drain points.
Systems such as kitchen suppression systems, FM-200 or halon systems, complicated dry sprinkler systems, and fire pumps are tested and inspected by an outside company.
Underwriters Laboratories recently reissued a public notice to those in the field using dry sprinkler systems, asking for sample submissions or other information that will assist researchers in their continuing investigation into the performance of the systems.