dry sump system

dry sump (lubrication) system

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An engine lubrication system in which the lubricating oil is carried in an external tank and not internally in a sump. The sump is kept relatively free from oil by scavenging pumps, which return the oil to the tank after cooling. The opposite of a wet sump system. The pumping capacity of scavenge pumps is higher than that of the engine-driven pumps supplying oil to the system.
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It features a redesigned dry sump system and all-new intake and exhaust systems.
And finally the 420 uses the same engine but has a dry sump system and other mods to boost power.
In order to supply the squirters, a larger dual-gerotor oil pump is used in concert with a larger dry sump system.
For those venturing onto the track, the R400 comes with the option of a Cater-ham-designed dry sump system to provide added protection from oil surges at high speed.