dry system

dry-pipe sprinkler system

1. A complete fire-protection sprinkler system with sprinkler heads in which there is no water unless the system is actuated (either automatically or manually) in case of fire; esp. used in areas subject to freezing temperatures, or to avoid the hazards of leaking or bursting pipes.
2. A fire sprinkler system containing a network of pipes filled with air or nitrogen under pressure and equipped with an automatic sprinklers; when the sprinklers open, the air or nitrogen is released, thereby opening a valve (called a dry-pipe valve) which permits water to enter the pipes and to flow out the opened sprinklers.
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Quicksilver Resources, Inc (NYSE: KWK), a US-based company engaged in exploration and development of oil and gas reserves, has completed a sale of the Lake Arlington Dry System, the midstream gathering and compression assets, located in Texas, US to Quicksilver Gas Services LP (Quicksilver Gas) (NYSE: KGS).
The company has sold the Lake Arlington Dry System to Quicksilver Gas for USD42m.
They are also equipped with the dry system, which requires no oil to be supplied to the area of the needle bar and thread take-up and achieves very high productivity.
Adapted and improved from European technology in use in Finland and parts of Sweden and Germany, Superior Thermowood calls it the Eco Dry system.
The Freeze Dry System can be used on all sorts of damaged items including books, files, photographs, film and architectural plans.
This design pro vides compromise between the inherent characteristics of a dry system and the particularly demanding characteristics of asphalt binders.
With the introduction of the new Guyson Marr-Line 1000/3 conveyorised wash and dry system, even larger, reusable tote bins and trays can now be thoroughly cleaned and dried, getting rid of production stains, oils, contaminants, and odours.
The microprocessor control uses a patented Automatic Dry system and comes with a safety feature that will shut down the entire dryer if the temperature reaches 221[degrees] F or higher.
However, the off-blast operating cost for the wet scrubber is substantially higher than that for the dry system due to the higher connected horsepower (hp) associated with the exhaust fan and water system pumps.
Contract notice: Supply, delivery, installation, running order, warranty and training in the use of a temperature bcf / dry system for high technology platform plastinnov university of lorraine
The affordable, dry system allows more retailers to participate in the exploding digital arena, benefiting both traditional film and digital camera users who want cost competitive, convenient digitization and printing options.
This system was selected over the competition because of Nikon's proven ability to print immersion exposures with no immersion-induced defects and overlay accuracy equivalent to or better than dry systems.