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It prohibits the design of dual duct systems with hot/cold air mixing in new buildings, additions, and replacement of portions or existing buildings.
The configuration of the dual duct air-handling system at the end of the living wall project will look as shown in Figure 5.
It focuses on single duct VAV reheat systems, but most of the principles apply to other VAV system variations, such as dual duct and fan-powered box systems.
The equipment used in those days to air condition commercial office buildings was high velocity, dual duct systems--and bypass multizone systems for large office buildings.
This study also found that the global thermostat strategy had less of an impact on buildings served by a central plant using dual duct systems since this system type would respond to a zone setpoint temperature increase by reducing the cold deck air flow rate.
An alternate system considered is a dual duct system.
This article will demonstrate that a version of a dual duct HVAC system will save considerable amounts of operational energy compared to the standard system.
An unusual feature is that the metal decking installed to form the floors was used to convey air from dual duct boxes to air outlet grilles on the floor above.
Converting dual duct constant volume systems to variable volume systems without retrofitting the terminal boxes.

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