dual vent

dual vent, common vent, unit vent

dual vent
In plumbing, a single vent, 1 connected at the junction of two fixture drains, which serves as a vent for both.
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(6 804 kg) payload can be flown 800 nm (1,482 km) - Dual vent door system - Rigid 9G barrier - 28-VDC independent cargo door hydraulic system - Main deck converted to Class aEa Cargo Compartment - Cabin windows replaced with lightweight aluminum window plugs
It features wider front and rear tracks, an adjustable coilover suspension, and Brembo brakes and full body kit that includes wider wheel arches and quarter panels, a front splitter, a new bonnet with dual vents, and other model-specific design elements.
DUAL VENTS: One 4-inch-diameter vent should open at ceiling level, and another 4-inch vent at ground level at the other end of the cellar.
Another problem with sport and suit coats is the lower back area, where some of them have dual vents while others have a single center vent, both to allow sitting with the coat buttoned.
* Wood with laminate finish Double-wall steel cabinets with 1.5" air space incorporating dual vents, grounding connections, adjustable shelves, 3-point self-latching lockable doors and leveling feet are appropriate for corrosives that exhibit flammable characteristics.
It is immune to changes in "head height" because of its dual vented chambers.
with 35:1 L/D and dual vents, which puts out up to 2750 lb/hr of wood-plastic profiles at speeds up to 5 meters/min.

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