dual-mode handset

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dual-mode handset

A cellphone that supports two types of services such as analog and digital, two types of digital or cellular and non-cellular service. See fixed mobile convergence, GAN and dual-band handset.


   analog and digital (TDMA, CDMA, GSM)
   digital and digital (TDMA, CDMA, GSM)

   Cellular + Other

   cellular and Wi-Fi
   cellular and satellite
   cellular and cordless
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Dual-Mode Handset to Maximize Communication Flexibility UHF 2-way radio and long-range 900 MHz cordless phone in a single handset eliminates equipment and reduces costs.
"Kineto's FMC solutions are currently enabling mobile operators around the world to deliver a variety of new revenue generating FMC services, including dual-mode handsets, femtocells, terminal adaptors, softmobile clients and more.
These dual-mode handsets can make voice-over-IP (VoIP) calls over Wi-Fi, while retaining the functions and benefits of a traditional cellular phone.
Dual-mode handsets are basically unavailable, and few mobile carriers support VoIP services over WiFi.
The design of an RF module for a multi-mode handset, to be used as a bridge between 2G and 3G systems, has been characterized, and a prototype of the W-CDMA/GSM/DCS tri-band and dual-mode handset has been developed and built.
Since device consolidation is a top priority, vendors selling these wares should have commonly used corporate mobile e-mail clients available on at least some dual-mode handset clients for these solutions to be widely deployed.
The hipi-2200 works with GSM and WiFi radios active simultaneously and is reportedly the first SIP-based Windows mobile dual-mode handset in world.
Trapeze partnered with DiVitas Networks, a provider of unified mobility solutions, to demonstrate interoperability between the wireless platforms of each company, over any dual-mode handset supporting Windows Mobile 05.
According to ARRIS the joint solutionwith UTStarcom will allow end customers with a Wi-Fi-enabled dual-mode handset to roam between their cellular and Wi-Fi connections, a service commonly referred to as Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC).
The dual-mode handset, originally announced in August 2005, combines the EDGE Nexperia cellular system solution 6120 from Philips, with a TG3 protocol stack and a TD-SCDMA processor developed by T3G and Philips.
While Coolpad has already introduced its dual-mode handsets to India, the S100 is Coolpad's first CDMA-only handset being introduced in the country.
Samsung and mobile unified-communications pioneer DiVitas Networks are working to make enterprise telephony functions work better on dual-mode handsets using Microsoft Windows Mobile.