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, dubbing
Brit a greasy mixture of tallow and oil applied to leather to soften it and make it waterproof
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dubbing out, dubbing

1. Filling in hollow and irregular surfaces and leveling walls with plaster before regular plasterwork.
2. Forming, very roughly, a plaster cornice, before the final plaster coat is applied.
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The show is a combination of dubbing and acting where all stars will compete by using their voices to tackle challenging lines and dub new life into classic films and television clips.
One of the major challenges in the dubbing world is to understand what kind of data AI needs for machines to understand the concepts of language and cultural adaptation.
NiS' CEO and principal founder, Nabil Al Dakkak, who is also the creator of Tazmeen, added: "Tazmeen will be the central nerve of the voice dubbing companies in this part of the world.
The existing academic literature on dubbing reception shows that researchers have been interested in studying the effects of translation strategies of, among others, humor and culture specific references (Antonini, 2007; Fuentes Luque, 2003), lip-synchronization (Di Giovanni & Romero Fresco, 2016), comparing dubbing to subtitling (Perego et al., 2015) or attitudes towards expectations (Ameri, Khoshsaligheh, & Khazaee Farid, 2015, 2017).
The term dubbing, when used in a broad sense, refers to any technique of "covering the original voice in an audio-visual production by another voice" (Dries 9) and therefore includes voice-over; when used in a more restricted way, it refers to lip-sync dubbing, a technique in which "the foreign dialogue is adjusted to the mouth movements of the actor in the film" (Dries 9).
For instance, Telugu movie Bahubali was dubbed into Tamil Dubbing ban since 1962 deprived Kannadigas of watching movies & serials in other languages.
And local dubbing directors are flown to Los Angeles to supervise and act as voice coaches.
An investigation revealed that casting directors regularly expelled black applicants in the belief that they had a distinctive tone of voice unsuitable for dubbing white parts.
But now campaign group Cylch yr Iaith says S4C should eradicate English by dubbing "Dubya" and other prominent English-speaking figures into Welsh.
VOLVO C30: Steve Mattin, Volvo design director, says he's most proud of the C30's rear shoulders, dubbing them "the boldest and most expressive" portion of the design.
Tradurre per il doppiaggio explains the translation strategies and the linguistic issues involved in the dubbing process.