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1. any of various former European gold or silver coins, esp those used in Italy or the Netherlands
2. any coin or money
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a silver and, subsequently, a gold coin. It was first issued in Italy in 1140. It was minted in Florence beginning in 1252 and in Venice beginning in 1284. The ducat was widely used in Western European countries as the coin of the highest standard. It contained 3.4-3.5 g of gold. In Russia, the ducat (cheronvets) was minted from 1701 through 1885 with a content of 3.6 g of pure gold.

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The penalty for the lawbreakers will be fifty ducats and for the pastry cook it will be twenty-five ducats .
In the third place, it is also illict if I give you one thousand ducats right now under agreement that you will have them given to me in Rome in a year's time, unchanged in their amount, for the advantage you took of them in the time you had them.
O'Neill's final success came in the day's closing contest when the Mark Quigley-trained Gold Ducat proved too good for Bunnenaugh in the closing stages to score by four lengths.
Fire officer Craig Ducat said: "The fire service is always looking at ways of raising awareness among young people about the dangers associated with driving at high speeds.
Vea's analysis showed that 14 averaged just 30.2 days between appearances on somebody's lucky ducat, reports the New York Post.
He said the chapel cost "3,000 ducat," a monetary unit that no longer exists.
Finnish real estate investor Sponda Plc (OMX Helsinki: SDA1V) said on Tuesday (8 July) that it has purchased the Ducat II office property located in the centre of Moscow for USD185m from LR Ducat Holding AB.
as thousands of people gathered around the bus, lighting candles and saying prayers as demanded by hostage-taker Armando Ducat Jr.
Clutching dolls, toys and backpacks, the children began filing off the bus shortly after 7pm yesterday as Jun Ducat had promised in a rambling message via a loudspeaker hours earlier.
It is clear, however, that someone who lends one hundred gold ducats in Genoa would incur a loss if just as many gold ducats, or their equivalent there, were paid him in Bruges, precisely both because he would give more than he received inasmuch as it is the fact that a gold ducat is worth more in Genoa than in Bruges and because he has to undertake the expense of the contracted money to regain it at Genoa where the contract for the loan was made.